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Corporate cab service in Delhi | rakeshtravel

A corporate cab service refers to transportation services specifically designed for businesses and their employees. Here are key aspects associated with a Corporate cab service .

Employee Transportation:

  • Regular Commutes: Companies may arrange for corporate cab services to transport employees to and from the workplace on a regular basis, especially if the office is located in an area with limited public transportation options.
  • Special Events: Corporate cab services can be utilized for transporting employees to and from special events, conferences, or team-building activities.


  • Convenience: Providing employees with a reliable transportation option can enhance their convenience and reduce stress associated with commuting.
  • Productivity: Employees can use travel time more effectively, potentially working or preparing for meetings while being transported.
  • Safety: A designated corporate cab service ensures the safety of employees during travel.

Cost Management:

  • Budgeting: Companies can negotiate pricing and establish a budget for transportation services, helping control costs.
    Billing and Reporting: Many corporate cab services offer detailed billing and reporting features, allowing companies to track expenses accurately.


  • Flexible Scheduling: Corporate cab services can be scheduled to accommodate the specific needs of a company, such as varying shift times or offsite meetings.
  • Vehicle Options: Depending on the size of the group, companies can choose different types of vehicles, from sedans to larger vans, to suit their requirements.

Technology Integration:

  • Booking Platforms: Companies may use dedicated platforms or mobile apps for employees to book rides easily.
  • Tracking Systems: GPS tracking allows companies to monitor the location of vehicles in real-time, enhancing security and efficiency.
    Environmental Considerations:

Green Options: Some corporate cab services offer environmentally friendly vehicle options, aligning with a company’s sustainability goals.

Rakesh travel Corporate:

  • Rakesh travel is one of the major ride-hailing services in Delhi, and they offer a corporate version known as rakes travel Corporate. It provides a convenient and efficient way for companies to manage their employees’ travel expenses.

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