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Our company rakes travel Car Rental is among the top providers of corporate car rental service in India. We are a proud team of a dependable customer-oriented company. With our corporate cab services spanning across all the major cities in India, we are your one-stop road-transport solution provider.

We believe every company’s success depends on its employees and so we employ convey who only provide you the best corporate car rental service & help you save a lot of time & hassle. Our car rental for corporate services is affordable & allows you to select various vehicles anywhere and anytime. Even we have premium cars for associates or foreign delegates with a modern range of amenities.

Choose from various cabs ready for all your company’s needs

So, are you worried about car booking for a business meeting? Don’t worry! Go for single car booking or bulk booking for massive events. We are here to help you manage all tour transportation needs. From Ac Sedan models like Dzire, Etios, Amaze , Luxury Cars, & Ac hatchbacks, book and rent it.

Rent a convey-driven car in Delhi

From pharmaceutical companies, textile companies, Banking and Finance Sector, food industry to IT companies, and more industrial sectors are flourishing in Delhi. Besides, if you visit famous places like the Delhi to Darbhanga, Delhi to Gaya, Delhi to Muzaffarpur, Delhi to Patna hiring our corporate car rental service in Delhi will be your best option.

Setting up a corporate rakes travel car rental service for employee pick and drop can be a convenient and efficient way to enhance employee transportation. Here’s a guide on how to establish such a service:

Needs Assessment:

Identify the transportation needs of your employees, including the number of employees requiring pick-up and drop-off services, the locations involved, and the frequency of the service.


Determine the budget for the corporate car rental service, considering factors such as the number of trips, distance, and type of vehicles needed.

Service Providers:

Research and identify reliable car rental service providers in your area. Look for providers with a good reputation for safety, punctuality, and customer service.

Service Agreement:

Negotiate a service agreement with the chosen car rental provider. Clearly define the terms, conditions, pricing, and any special requirements. Ensure there is flexibility to adjust the service based on changing needs.

Vehicle Options:

Choose appropriate vehicle types based on the number of employees, distance, and any special requirements. Consider factors such as comfort, fuel efficiency, and any specific needs of your employees.

Scheduling System:

Implement a scheduling system to streamline pick-up and drop-off requests. This could be an online platform, or a dedicated person managing the schedule.

Safety Measures:

Establish safety protocols for both drivers and passengers. Ensure that drivers have proper licenses and a clean driving record. Implement vehicle maintenance schedules and safety inspections.

Employee Communication:

Communicate the availability of the corporate car rental service to employees. Provide clear guidelines on how to request the service, the schedule, and any other relevant information.

Monitoring and Feedback:

Implement a system for monitoring the service’s performance and collecting feedback from employees. This can help identify areas for improvement and ensure the service meets expectations.

Legal and Insurance Considerations:

Ensure that the selected car rental provider complies with all legal and insurance requirements. Verify the insurance coverage for both the vehicles and passengers.

Emergency Protocols:

Establish protocols for handling emergencies or unexpected situations. This may include providing a helpline or emergency contact for employees to reach out in case of any issues.

Review and Adapt:

Regularly review the effectiveness of the service and make necessary adjustments based on feedback and changing requirements.

By carefully planning and implementing these steps, you can create a corporate car rental service that provides a reliable and convenient transportation solution for your employees.

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